Friday, September 17, 2010

A little History

This is going to be my sad attempt to chronicle the adventure and experience of pregnancy and motherhood. My hopes are that before my little Beanie arrives I will have gotten better at this whole writing adventure and will be able to really convey to my family back east all the intricaties of this little life inside of me.

I will start by giving a little background to our petite family :)

Three years ago I was lucky enough to meet an amazing man who would do anything and be anything to make this little life of mine better. He is my soulmate and I couldn't imagine being with anyone other than him. Lucky Me :)
I came into this relationship with a few strings 1) my first born daughter - Krowbug - the cuddliest and most loving feline you will ever meet and 2) a family back east that I think are the cats pajamas and whose hearts keep me longing to be back east.
Thankfully - said amazing man wasnt deterred by this strings - he quickly adopted my little girl.. and was equally won over by the back east gang.
After deciding to venture into shared living quarters we decided to add to our family in the most challenging way... Kaseyroo- a canine with a mind of her own. Not only is Kasey teaching us about love and living- she is also teaching us about patience and frustration .. and lack of sleep.. and selflessness - it was soon evident that her needs trumped ours. This was a much harder lesson for me to learn then my B.. but we wouldnt change a thing because every day with her is so very rewarding :)

B & I married In July after a stressfilled and fun year of planning. It was an amazing day with wonderful moments and memories.. Even B getting the flu and spending half the day throwing up or sleeping didnt ruin the perfection of the day :)

Within weeks of the wedding we discovered that our family was growing even more :) Our Baby J is due in early march and we couldnt be any happier!