Monday, December 13, 2010

6 Months Preggo

We have hit the 6 month mark in the pregnancy.. It has been a long road so far! On one hand I can hardly wait for the next 2.5 months to pass and on the other the thought of how quickly it will go completely freaks me out.

The first 4 months were very rocky- I was completely overcome with "morning sickness" Unfortunately for me, it would begin around 2:00pm and last all night long. Mornings were actually my healthy time. It was a long, hot, sick summer. Thankfully the 5th and 6th months have progressed much more happily!
Our little Beanie is healthy and active. He is kicking LOTS.. mostly in the mornings and early afternoons. NOTHING is better then feeling him go nuts in there. It still brings tears to my eyes when it happens. I am completely in love with this little man!
Kasey has taken to wrapping herself around my belly when she lays down with me. Not sure if that she senses the change in my emotions or if she knows that her little brother is in there and she is cuddling him. Either way its super cute!

Along with hitting the final trimester milestone, this month has been big in that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. For someone that completely craves chocolate and sweets - this has been pure HELL! lol.. Thankfully its only 2.5 more months!