Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thrifting Thursday!

This weeks thrifting adventure was schedule specifically to helps me find pieces to add to our Master Bedroom Mini Makeover.

Lately I have found a love for making throw pillows(will post pics of recent pillows soon), so to find these 2 pillow forms for only $1.99 was a huge steal of a deal for me!

I am really into colored glass pieces lately, so I was happy to find this sweet vase and a little bowl to hold my earrings, odds&ends and such!

Two of the pillows made from purchased forms!
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Flying By in the Blink of an Eye

My sweet, cheeky little monkey is 4 days away from being One year old.

For years I listened to mothers everywhere saying how the years go quicker once you start having babies, but I never truly understood how accurate that statement is.

I could swear it was only yesterday that I was in the hospital
hooked up to monitors listening to Mac's heartbeat because I wasn't able to feel his kicks.
 I can still feel the panic and anxiousness that overtook me
 those last few weeks,
 worrying for his health and his safe arrival.

The moment he was laid in my arms
was one of the most overwhelmingly clear moments of my life.

 It was as if time stood still and all that existed was this little man
that was staring at me with the clearest, brightest blue eyes.

That moment is still as vivid in my mind today.

Now that little man still has the brightest , bluest blue eyes I have ever seen,
 but now they have a sweet sparkle and are accompanied by a cheeky grin <3
 He has become one of the funniest people I know!

It baffles me how someone so small can already grasp humour.. and have such a clever mind!

Some of my favorite Mac Moments lately are:
 listening to him "brrroom brrrrommm" while playing with his cars,
watching him walk around for days and days with the broom and a measuring tape , all the while babbling to himself like he is making big plans!,
 listening to him hum along in the backseat to the music while we are out on drives,
 seeing him run around quick as a bunny on those little legs
 that look too small to allow him to walk and run the way he does!,
 watching him flirt with every man or women that will take the time to notice him
while we are out shopping or running errands,
his awesome bopping, dance moves whenever a song he deems good enough comes on!

That is just to name a few.
He is truly a remarkable kid- no joke.
 Anyone that knows him can totally back me up!

For your viewing pleasure - some snaps of my little man in action!

He is REALLY into his books!


Brightest Blues!

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bathroom Makeover!

Since a complete home reno is definitely not in our modest budget,we have decided that each room in our little home should at least have a modest makeover!  We started this past weekend with a 25.00 dollar make over for the bathroom! SUCCESS!! We absolutely love the results- who knew a touch of paint and some wall art could make such a difference!

( sorry can't get the pictures to turn correctly)

(heart sigh)

My favorite detail is a toss us between the 2 peices of bird art and the crystal cabinet knobs , B's favorite detail is the simple white light switch (go figure) <3 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Visit 2011

Mac handled Santa like a Pro! No tears and not scared at all! Should I be concerned? lol

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tons of DIY Projects!

I recently came across this blog FULL of amazing and simple DIY projects!

She has so many great ideas and easy to follow instructions!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My heart sings..

That Wallpaper.

That Headboard.

That Bedspread.

Nine Amazing Months

"In the eyes of a child...there is joy, there is laughter... there is hope, there is trust, a chance to shape the future..."
Author: Air Supply

Winter is upon us here in the Maritimes, which means bundling up and lots of snuggling!!

My little bright eyes is not a fan of all these extra layers! 


Macalasdair turned nine months old today!  He weighed in at 17 pounds and 9 ounces! That is a 2 pound and 10 ounce gain from his 6 months appointment!

He went for his booster shots and flu shot yesterday and handled it like a champ- only 2 second tears and then gave the doctor the stink eye and was over it. He had to get extra shots because in Ontario they do not vaccinate as much as they do in New Brunswick, so he is behind on some of his vaccinations and needs to be given them gradually to catch up.

Due to the allergic reactions he has had to some 
milk products and strawberries, we were concerned that 
he would have a reaction to the egg protein in the flu shot. I am pretty sure my doctor was annoyed by how many questions I had and how paranoid I was, but thankfully he was fine and had no reaction at all!

Big Boy- Growing so fast

All those times you hear people say "They grow so fast"- you never truly understand how true that is until you are a parent yourself. I feel like I just blinked my eyes and he went from four months to nine months. It makes my heart hurt to think he is going to be a big boy soon. 

Fell asleep watching cartoons with Mama


Every stage just gets better and better! 
Mac has such a great personality - he is funny, sweet and loving.
Thankfully, he still LOVES to cuddle. 
He loves anything related to music. 
He is now sleeping in his crib for naps and over night- although we still have to go in and rest our hand on him to let him know he is not alone a couple times through the night. He likes to sleep with his George the Giraffe and Matty the Monkey, and some nights Kat the Kitty.
His favorite thing is to happily yell at the top of his lungs. He finds this very amusing and does it all day long some days!
His favorite toys are his "Play and Learn Guitar", his mega blocks and of course the walker that helps him walk around all day!

He has 8 teeth now.

He is the most perfect little man

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Accidental Parenting

Say What???

Have you heard this term? Apparently, my husband an I fell victim to accidental parenting.

For the last nine months we have allowed Mac to co-bed with us, and we held him in our arms to put him to sleep. This is a MAJOR no-no to the parenting experts of the world.


I have loved having him so close, to snuggle and hold tight. I loved waking up to his silly grins and baby squeals in the morning. I loved his little hands rubbing my cheeks as he drifted off to sleep. I would not change a minute of these last nine months! Not for anything!.

That being said, we are fast approaching my return to work and Mac's beginning with a babysitter. EEK!! A babysitter who will be managing four other small children and will not have time to rock and hold my sweet little man as he drifts off.

SOooooo, this week is devoted to helping Mac fall asleep in his himself... without mommy.. his favorite person.. the one that has kept him safe all this time.. UGH. The guilt smothers me!!!

Yesterday was day one and it was full of drama! Crying endlessly, being held until the crying stopped only to be put back down in the mean crib and start all over! I can tell it's scarring him. Loads of therapy in his future!!

Overnight went much better than nap times. He went to bed with no crying at all. I laid him in the crib and stood silently beside him with my hand on his tummy for about 5 minutes. Once his eyes closed and his breathing evened out I left the room and did not have to go back in again until 1:30. I continued the had resting when he would wake up throughout the evening. By the end of the night I would remove my hand before he had fallen asleep and just stand by the crib so he could see me there. Thank you Baby Whisperer !! I wish I had read you before I had this little man!!

Now, we wait and see how today and tonight go!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fresh & Bright

Color scheme for Master Bedroom