Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have utterly neglected writing these past 4 months!

So much has happened.

After months of being separated for weeks at a time while B worked in moncton and Mac and I stayed with my parents in Tracy, we are now very proud home owners!! Everything went as planned with the purchase of the before mentioned two storey sweet little house in downtown Moncton and we are now slowly settling in. We are very happy to be back as a happy little family altogether again!

Mac is growing and learning by leaps and bounds!
He is still such a cheeky little monkey, He thinks he is super funny- he will do something and then look at you and smile and laugh to make sure you saw it.

He LOVES anything to do with music, and he likes it when we help him dance!

He now has 3 teeth and a fourth one on the way! The week that the first two came in was quite a struggle, but this third one has been much better!

He started to scoot around the room much better now.
 Generally he lays on his belly and pulls himself along- but he has started to get up on his knees and test the water with crawling.

First time on a swing was a huge success. He laughed so hard he snorted!

He learned to wave at people for the first time last weekend when my friend Kelly was here. He waves and then laughs -I think he is laughing at how excited we all are.

Two weeks ago my mother came to stay with us for the week- and while she was here we noticed that he was saying mom when he would reach for me and talk to me- and he wasn't saying it to anyone else!! Smart little man! I think that excited me more than anything else!!

Mac especially loves petting his puppy! Thankfully Kasey is super patient with him.

Still not able to get him to fall asleep on his own, he either has to be laying on mommy or we have to lay down with him in our bed.  But, I can't lie.. I LOVE this cuddle time!

Having Mac with me is still the greatest joy I have ever known!
 He has such an inner light, and such a sweet nature!
It is sad and cruel to watch them grow so fast, but I can't wait to see what he learns next!

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