Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lifes Little Suprises

I have learned 4 imporant things over the years...

1) There really is someone out there that is meant for you.. can complete you.. and can make you happier then you ever imagined. Settling should not be an option for anyone.. out there somewhere in the crazy adventures of life you will meet someone that believes in the same things as you, wants the same things as you and most importantly embraces and loves those little things about you that annoyed everyone from your past :)

2) As much as I hate to admit it... the annoying people that tell you holding onto your anger and hate only hurts you, not the other people.. WELL... they are right.. chch.. so annoying to even admit it.. but really.. once you let it all go you truly can start to heal and find so much more joy in what you have.. and those other people.. they didn't even really know or care that you were angry anyway.. they moved on from it a long time ago..

3) The road you thought you were paving, those plans you thought you had all worked out, The life you just knew you were going to lead.... you actually have no say in and chances are its all going to get turned on its head someday when you aren't looking and you are going to be standing there stuttering like a fool saying ..."WTF" .. AND THEN... the best part will come... where all the pieces will fall back into place.. not at all like you were putting them together.. but soooooooo much better tehn you could have thought...

4) and finally....misery really does make you fat....

Sooo, Here I am ... finally shedding the misery .. and thankfully also the fat, and I am going to share my thoughts and this journey with you... Hang on.. its sure to be fantastic!

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