Wednesday, July 20, 2011

House Hunting

This last month has been so emotionally exhausting.
Living the life of nomads is not easy- I miss being surrounded by our "things". I miss having macs sweet room set up and all of his toys and clothes accessible. I know its all just "stuff" and it shouldn't matter- but it does...

We have been house hunting and have already had our hearts broken once- we had an accepted off on a sweet little gem of a home - one that we thought would be perfect to grow with our little family. However, the inspection did not go well at all- so many issues bug and small that the owner had tried to cover up. Things that as new home owners we never would have guessed could be wrong - and things that even our realtor had not anticipated. DISAPPOINTING!

So we have been out looking again for the last couple weeks- tonight we went to see 2 houses and we both feel that we may have found "the one".

Tomorrow morning we put an offer on this beauty. I am PRAYING HARD that everything goes well and the inspection has nothing surprising in store for us.  I don't think i can handle another heartbreak- not to mention that all these inspection costs add up quickly and take away from the down payments funds that we have available!

Hopefully in a weeks time I will have some fantastic news to share!

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