Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Month of Mac

Macs personality is starting to really show now.
 He is such a charmer- always big smiles when people talk to him and flirty eyes.
 He talks and hollers all the time now.
When I feed him cereal he humms while eating -
and he humms when he is super tired and trying to go to sleep.
 He weighs just over 14 pounds.
 He spends most of the night in his crib now.. just comes in to bed with me in the morning around 5:30- 6:00.
He is a rolling machine now- rolls from back to belly and belly to back .
He barely can sit still these days.. likes to be standing and on the move. When you try to hold him he scoots his bumm up and out.. little scooter. He is still a very content little man- only cries if he is hungry or super tired- everyone always goes on about how happy and well behaved he is.

We are so blessed.

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