Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flying By in the Blink of an Eye

My sweet, cheeky little monkey is 4 days away from being One year old.

For years I listened to mothers everywhere saying how the years go quicker once you start having babies, but I never truly understood how accurate that statement is.

I could swear it was only yesterday that I was in the hospital
hooked up to monitors listening to Mac's heartbeat because I wasn't able to feel his kicks.
 I can still feel the panic and anxiousness that overtook me
 those last few weeks,
 worrying for his health and his safe arrival.

The moment he was laid in my arms
was one of the most overwhelmingly clear moments of my life.

 It was as if time stood still and all that existed was this little man
that was staring at me with the clearest, brightest blue eyes.

That moment is still as vivid in my mind today.

Now that little man still has the brightest , bluest blue eyes I have ever seen,
 but now they have a sweet sparkle and are accompanied by a cheeky grin <3
 He has become one of the funniest people I know!

It baffles me how someone so small can already grasp humour.. and have such a clever mind!

Some of my favorite Mac Moments lately are:
 listening to him "brrroom brrrrommm" while playing with his cars,
watching him walk around for days and days with the broom and a measuring tape , all the while babbling to himself like he is making big plans!,
 listening to him hum along in the backseat to the music while we are out on drives,
 seeing him run around quick as a bunny on those little legs
 that look too small to allow him to walk and run the way he does!,
 watching him flirt with every man or women that will take the time to notice him
while we are out shopping or running errands,
his awesome bopping, dance moves whenever a song he deems good enough comes on!

That is just to name a few.
He is truly a remarkable kid- no joke.
 Anyone that knows him can totally back me up!

For your viewing pleasure - some snaps of my little man in action!

He is REALLY into his books!


Brightest Blues!

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