Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bedroom DayDreaming

To take a break from all things baby, I will share a touch of what I am dreaming about these days.

Brett and I have recently decided that it is time to relocate back to the Maritimes! <3 Once this decision was made we couldn't help but start dreaming of being house owner's - as it is now much more of a possibility for us! I don't know how many of you have been house hunting in Toronto lately.. but the houses are about 1/4 of the price in NB as they are here... EEEK!
Anywaaaays.. since all things decor are what I Love, Love, Love- the minute I start thinking of owning a home I IMMEDIATELY start imagining all the wonderful PERMANENT decorating I would get to do!! I want to start with the bedroom. We currently own a boring black bedroom set- all of the pieces are very large, and I feel they make the space feel dark and dreary. Since it doesn't make sense to replace a fairly new bedroom set- I intend to refinish all the pieces instead. I am aiming somewhere between-shabby chic & rustic charm :)
I want each bedroom piece to have a different paint color- each color bright and festive and I will balance out the brightness with a niece taupe wall and a few plain white(distressed) pieces. I visited the Behr website with Brett to figure out the exact shades we loved and this is the color palate we decided on. The colors are necessary on the object that would be painted in that color *L* but this gives an idea of how everything will come together:

The green(mermaid song) on the wall and the blue(fresh water) on the fireplace are the colors I will use to paint two of our dressers- the third will be painted a distressed white- as will the bed. The yellow(sweet chamomile) shown is the color of the curtains we already own- I will paint our night stand in that same shade. to give an idea of what the dressers will look like, here are a couple dressers painted in similar shades

Disclaimer- I have been gathering photos for projects for so long that I no longer recall where most came from - If you recognize something as yours please advise so I can give credit where credit is due!

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