Saturday, May 28, 2011

Macalasdairs Nursery!

This is the shell of the room - freshly painted with Behr's "CoolDusk" paint
and furniture loaded in:

Here are a few shots of the room a little further in the decorating process- We have gone with a "Giraffe" theme. Thanks to a few great Etsy finds we were able to keep the Giraffe touches sweet and simple. In this first shot you will notice the blocks I ordered came in with and "x" instead of a "c" - the shop owner was great about fixing the mistake and getting a "c" shipped to us quickly - I just haven't taken new pictures since it arrived.

My favorite thing in this picture is, of course, the antique windows that I refinished for my wedding and then my fabulous MotherinLaw had changed into mirrors as a christmas gift to add to the nursery!

This shot has soooo many favorites!!
First would be the knit white afgan my mother made for me to have for my first child loooong before I ever considered even getting married - let alone pregnant. Second favorite is the crib blanket my mama made to match the nursery curtains. Third favorite is this awesome wooden pull toy giraffe- a great etsy find! I will post more on my etsy finds in a later post!

I orginally had these framed letters over the crib not sure what I am going to do with them now, but they have found temporary residence on this tiny wall.

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