Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who do you trust your most precious treasure with??

I am feeling very anxious.
On Monday and Tuesday morning next week we have appointments to meet prospective babysitters for Mac. Both are at home daycare service. 
I am so nervous.
I hate leaving him with a stranger. 
H A T E.
I would give anything to have the means to be an at home mom, but that is just not in the cards for us at this time. 
He is such a sweet, loving, cheeky little monkey and 
I just want to know that I am leaving him with someone safe and loving,
someone that will truly love and enjoy him.
How do you ever know, from just one small meeting, whether this person is the perfect fit??? The one that will help build your babies character?? The one that will keep him safe and ensure he comes back to you just as safe and healthy as you left him???
Ugh, my stomache is turning just at the thought of it.

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