Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cradle Love

During my pregnancy I had full intentions of the baby sleeping in his crib - in the nursery - from the very beginning. I would set up the playpen in the living room for the occasional nap - but that would be it.
Then I had my little wee man.
Everything Changed.
I couldn't bear the thought of having him away from me at all. We had been given a beautiful bassinet from B's aunt that had been used for generations in his uncles family. We set it up next to the bed with the intention of Mac sleeping there at night. Mac had other intentions. He would not sleep for more then ten minutes at a time in the bassinet.
So began the babe in the big bed.
We caved and allowed him to sleep with us from that point forward.

I am not going to lie and say that I didn't want him in the bed with us. To be honest I felt he was safest cuddled in my arms through the night - and having his little eyes open to make sure I was close by, or his hourly face rub, as he reached his little nose up and rubbed his face all over my cheek. BEST FEELING EVER. I was his comfort. It was a good feeling. HOWEVER, I knew this could not continue. My aunt suggested that I try out the cradle she used for her daughter and grand babies.

This cradle was hand made for her by a neighbour in a village she used to live in years ago.

I love it so much, so very much! And, thankfully, so does Mac. Although he still wakes in the early morning and, realizing he is all alone, cries until we bring him to bed for a couple hours of slumber next to his mama; he is now sleeping about 7 hours a night in this cradle and taking most of his daily naps in it as well.

One of the things I am saddest about with our upcoming move to NB is having to leave this beauty behind with my aunt. I will miss being able to peek over the side of the bed and see my little man blissfully sleeping- or better yet- smiling his big silly, happy grin at me.

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