Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Weekend In A Nutshell

Had dinner with Sandra and Mike - Funny and awesome couple :)

Aren't they cute??

Said goodbye to Beautiful Jenn
Spent Quality time with Nana and Grampy
Hung out lots in Nana and Grampy's beautiful back yard

Dealt with the Mac's teething
Spent Quality time with Auntie Bry and Uncle D
Had a Fire pit
Mac's first fire pit.. he was sleepy..
Toasted some marshmallows for smores..
we were all too messy eating to take pics of the actual smores..
Hung out some more with Auntie Bry and Uncle D
Mama and Mac swung for a bit
And had some early morning snuggles..
Gave Daddy some Hugs for Fathers Day..
And hung out with grandpa when daddy and grandpa got back from early morning golfing

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