Friday, June 17, 2011

Tummy Time

Tummy time has been a struggle in our house ever since we brought Little Mac home.
Needless to say he didn't like it.

Or better stated- HE DESPISED IT!!

 Nothing we did seemed to make it better.  We tried laying with him, laying in front of him, playing games with him, singing to him, making strange noises to keep him distracted.... everything we could think of!

 Nothing Worked. 

As a result we were not giving him near as much "tummy time" as is recommended. With that came incredible guilt.... I have spent so much time worrying that this was going to mean he would never roll over.. or worse.. never crawl. ( side note * I have a tendency to worry way too much and over think everything).

Thankfully everything seemed to change this past week! He still doesn't "LOVE" it,  but he seems to be giving it more of a chance. He smiles and plays and will stay on his belly for a longer period. 
 This has brought us such joy, it's unbelievable!

This morning while I was sitting at the computer and B was giving Mac some tummy time in the bedroom, I hear an excited yell " MAC IS ROLLING OVER! I, of course, rushed to the room two seconds too late and miss it. :( HOWEVER, we placed him back on his belly and he did it again!! This is no "fall to the side" moment.. the little guy is actually moving to his side and then swinging his legs to get full momentum and rolling to his back!!

 Such a proud mommy moment!!

Next time I will try not to worry so much <3

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