Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kitchen Lovin'

I dream of a big beautiful kitchen. By "big", I don't mean overwhelming-  just enough to comfortably cook everyday for my family and to fit a a few rugrats
 running around my legs as I do so.

Love the rustic table in this kitchen below

I love the color this pitcher would add to a room- and the coziness of this kitchen below- its so bright and sweet- it almost
 has an innocent feel to it

Country charm suits a kitchen so well

Bright and spacious
 begs to be cooked in!

Sweet touches that really make a
room feel like yours

I "heart " YELLOW!!!
I would have every room in the house yellow
if I could!
It always makes me cheerful!

Again, just sweet and simple!

Disclaimer- I have been gathering photos for projects for so long that I no longer recall where most came from - If you recognize something as yours please advise so I can give credit where credit is due!
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